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Drill Program Encounters 2.45 g/t Pd+Pt+Au Over 28 m at the River Valley Platinum Group Metals PGM Project, Sudbury Mining District

  • A drill hole collared in main mineralized zone (Dana North) encountered 2.45 g/t Pd+Pt+Au over 28m, including 7.12 g/t over 3m and 4.06 g/t over 6m with a second zone of 3.30 g/t Pd+Pt+Au over 4m
  • Drilling continues to encounter PGM mineralization in the footwall of the River Valley PGM Deposit with assays of 1.56 g/t Pd+Pt+Au over 9m, 1.41 g/t over 8m, 1.12 g/t over 17 m and 1.64 m of 7m were obtained from drilling in the footwall
  • River Valley is the Largest Undeveloped Primary PGM resource in Canada, with 3.9Moz PdEq in Measured Plus Indicated including an additional 1.2Moz PdEq in Inferred.

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Message: Purevap Science Question for PYR (reposted)


Dear Dufjam,



I saw this Friday and needed to confirm my understanding with my team before I replied.


Thanks for being patient.


The crystallization phase (directional solidification) should help remove some impurities and this is something we are considering for the pilot phase of the project.  However, we do not anticipate that this method will take care of all impurities.  As such, it would not be prudent to say that we will produce 6N solar material using directional solidification alone.


On a separate note, and probably more interesting, is that we have found that there are solar panels that can use 5N, and possibly even 4N…which is huge news. 


Also, the fact that we have, at a bench test scale, taken low purity quartz and made at least 3N+ material is, in my opinion, a huge breakthrough on its own which I do not believe the market has fully appreciated; there is a huge demand for 3N+ material. 


All this to say that, on our way to producing solar grade material, we are finding that the original value proposition seems to have significantly increased as a result of these findings. 


Hope this helps, and thanks for following us and taking the time and interest to post here.




P. Pascali


PyroGenesis Canada Inc.  


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