Proven plasma torch processes for US military, 3D powders for aircraft engines and solar grade silicon metal for solar industry

Q2 2020 Results: Net Income $5.2MM; Gross Margin 60%; Earnings per Share $0.04


BREAKING: Kontrol Receives Approval for Government Grant to Accelerate the Development of New COVID-19 Testing Technology

  • Received approval for an initial government grant of $50,000 from the National Research Council of Canada to accelerate its new Covid-19 testing technology, the Kontrol BioCloud® analyzer
  • Kontrol is developing a new technology designed to detect and alert for COVID-19, in real-time, through rapid on-site air sampling and detection of aerosol and droplet encapsulated viruses in indoor and outdoor environments
  • Kontrol has developed its initial prototype and has commenced lab testing of the detection chamber
  • The lab will spend the next 4 weeks testing the detection chamber and the applicable interactions with COVID-19

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Message: Follow up purity

Dear Geauxtigers,

Point well taken.  It is all about respect, and out of respect I believe you and other posters deserve an explanation of why I posted as I did

First, as background, I trust you can appreciate that my responding to questions posted on this platform, or any other platform for that matter, is not in my job description…and, interestingly enough, many advise against it.

Second, it should be noted that I do not believe that Stockhouse101, or any other retail blogger, will move the dial in any meaningful way when it comes to stock price…whether they double down, or sell all they have, it amounts to next to nothing in the overall scheme of things.  At most, it will be a drop in the ocean of transactions/executions and will be forgotten shortly after the execution of the trade.  Such is the nature of the beast; the market, and PyroGenesis for that matter, are bigger than the machinations of any given traders at any given time on any given day.

So,with those points in mind one may ask why I bother to take time from my job and family to respond late at night, or on weekends, to posters…. its not in my job description and I don’t think it will move the dial, right?  Geauxtigers, it’s simply because I care.  I believe if someone is interested enough in the company, and has a question (even dumb ones), I should respond as best as I can.  I am excited about the company and what we are doing … I like sharing that.  It is totally selfless.

Having said that, please do not mistaken my generosity with a willingness to become a welcome mat for any blogger/poster with a bug they wish to dislodge.  I am volunteering my time to help enlighten those that wish additional information/clarifications.  I am not a punching bag and anyone who thinks so should seriously pause and reconsider.  I am far from the typical CEO who lives and dies by what bloggers say…when asked to “jump” I don’t ask “How High”.   Nor am I here to teach such personalities lessons their parents obviously failed at.  I am here as a volunteer to help.

On that note, I am sure you would agree that respect is a two-way street.  If one asks a question in a respectful way without cynicism or contempt then I will answer you politely, professionally and with the utmost respect.  Your post is a case in point…you were critical of my methods but you posted your view with utmost respect and professionalism and with a view to inform and suggest…and I responded in kind…. that is what this platform is all about.

Now let’s take the case of stockhouse101 and put it in the proper context.  First, stockhouse101 has a history of vile and disrespectful posts on HPQ’s various sites and I will not stand for it here.  Second, there is no chem prof who is curious about what we do…any profs worth their weight and that are interested in what we do are so curious that they pick up the phone and engage us in a fruitful discussion… they do not rely on stockhouse101 nor any other blogger for spearheading that effort (by the way, when profs do contact us, such discussions have often led to a respectful long-term relationship with Pyro). When you get through it all, stockhouse101 was implying that we were being deceitful and he was calling on a fictional prof as a higher authority on the subject matter.  It was in this context that I answered Stockhouse101…which I trust now you can fully appreciate.

With respect to the actual questions previously posted, and the alleged contradiction therein, I believe we addressed them in such a manner as to explain why there is no contradiction.  If I am wrong please restate the part of the question which is not addressed…. I may have made a mistake or assumed something I shouldn’t have.

Thank-you for taking me to task as you did.  You are right, it is all about respect.  I trust you can now appreciate our position and methods. Thank-you for allowing me the opportunity to clarify the situation.

I look forward to hearing from you again,

P. Peter Pascali


PyroGenesis Canada Inc.



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