Proven plasma torch processes for US military, 3D powders for aircraft engines and solar grade silicon metal for solar industry

Message: Industrialization Plan

Dear JLM,


You are going to get me in trouble one of these days…

I started answering your questions then realized that most of the information in the answer wasn’t public.


Notwithstanding the confidentiality issues, your point is well taken; an AM update is probably in order.  Let me see what I can do to get one out (maybe a general one).  Time passes so quickly I sometimes forget that an update is probably in order. 


On a separate, but related matter. I am finding that although my approach to providing investors information is generally well received (format, information etc.), I am getting a sense that, notwithstanding all the precautions I take to contrary, the information contained therein is being “used” against us in negotiations  (example might be if I anticipate sales in a certain sector then someone reading that PR may assume I NEED that sale to justify my claim…and as such negotiates tougher).


Look forward to hearing from you again.


Until then,


All the best, 


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