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Message: Purevap patent

Hi Fkdy1985, 

Thanks for posting here. 

You bring up some very interesting observations.  Allow me to refer you to an answer I provided a poster some time ago on this topic: 

In a nutshell, it is not uncommon to have your claims rejected at this stage (PCT stage), and I review that in my previous posting.  There will be a patent investigation done in each jurisdiction at the national phase, where we will be able to argue the inventiveness of our patent application.  Between us, we have reviewed the file and we have no issues (i.e. problems) with the prior art that was cited by the PCT examiner.

I can also confirm that we have a very capable patent attorney working on the file.  One who we have worked with for many many years.

It is not prudent of me to go into our patent application strategy with external sources, but for your info, we are planning another 2 patent applications around PUREAVAP.

Hope this helped you.



CEO, PyroGenesis Canada Inc.


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