Proven plasma torch processes for US military, 3D powders for aircraft engines and solar grade silicon metal for solar industry


BREAKING:  Hollister Biosciences Provides Update on Q2 2020, Generated Record Quarterly Revenue of CDN$ 11.5 Million

  • CDN$ 1.375 million in EBITDA
  • Bureau of Cannabis Control officially renewed its cannabis distribution license for the next year through August 2021
  • "We are very pleased with our revenue growth year to date.  Sales of cannabis related products have proven to be resilient throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  We hope to continue to deliver strong results as the year progresses" stated Carl Saling, CEO.

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Hub On AGORACOM / Read Release

Message: Question for Peter

Dear Hogey, 

We have not press released delivery yet as that has not happened.  Without going into details that would require a press release I can confirm that the delays have been on our part and have been intentional due to other developments which may prove more promising.

Hope that is not more confusing than helpful…but all is good.



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