Proven plasma torch processes for US military, 3D powders for aircraft engines and solar grade silicon metal for solar industry

Q2 2020 Results: Net Income $5.2MM; Gross Margin 60%; Earnings per Share $0.04

Message: Non-military Land Based System?

Dear Green Mountain Man,

With respect to your questions below:

-is this a waste destruction system, if so what type of waste? Hazmat, municipal sewer, bulk trash, waste to energy, etc.

A- we cannot comment on this at this stage without our client’s approval.

-was this an opportunity you persued, or did the client approach you to solve thier need?

A- They approached us

-it the system easially replacated for other common needs that could lead to multiple sales to other clients, are any more sales currently in discussion on this type of system?

A- yes it can be replicated. There was another interested party in the same region.

-what was the total value of the sale of this system?

A - $3.64MM.  See press release:

Seperatly have you recieved any feedback from the military on the chemecial warefare waste destruction that they have been testing. ie. performance, timeline, project being mothballed or still active?

A-    Nothing yet.

Hope that answers your questions albeit a bit late.



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