Proven plasma torch processes for US military, 3D powders for aircraft engines and solar grade silicon metal for solar industry

Q2 2020 Results: Net Income $5.2MM; Gross Margin 60%; Earnings per Share $0.04



AGORACOM Welcomes Blockchain Foundry A Leading North American, Revenue Generating Blockchain Development Firm

  • 2020 H1 Revenue Of ~$900,000
    • 187% Year Over Year Growth
    • Positive Net Income
  • Self sustaining consulting practice with growing pipeline and potential upside from product development and commercialization
  • Partnered with Binance, the largest digital asset trading platform in the world, to leverage the Syscoin platform.
  • A Blockchain company with Real Products, Real Customers, Real Revenues and Real Income
  • Blockchain Foundry is a “Blockchain 2.0” company that has survived and will thrive 

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Message: DI LLC members and contract W/PYR

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