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Message: Amazing Pyrogenesis and amazing CEO...need recognition!!

Hey guys posted this on SH ….thought I would post it up here too. IF any one is connected to media it would be great if you can help connect the $100k donation story to local hospital as I think lot of Canadians would be inspired and bring attention to PYR.  Well anyways here is my very simple quick post:


As per today's news release:


• DROSITE contract $25M next 12 months + $6M next 2 years for PYR which is from Drosite International..basically PYR is getting ALL of it regardless of what some are trying to sway from the facts.


• Today's $1.44M is cdn $ recieved by PYR from DI which is exactly $1M usd(which DI received). It is now assured that this income stream  will shore up PYR on very solid  finanically footing .


• Keep in mind this  is just 1 contract.  There are other Drosite contracts they are working on as Pete has mentioned previously and with Drosite compteitive advanage and eco green friendly can bet on international interests.


• The weekly $1.44M pmts most likely will be announced...the confusion is it was  DI alone that stated no further announcements expected to be released NOT PYR.


Simple recap There are so much upside with PYR that each of the following alone can make PYR into a blue chip company:


• 3D powder already partnered with multi billion dollar gorilla Albert & Duval


• Iron Ore Pelletization


• Purevap


• Waste destruction(US Military contract already in play)


Last but not least the CEO of PYR has heart of gold.  Prior to getting pmt from DI...we all know in midst of the crisis Peter Pascali PERSONALLY donated $100k to local hospital to help the fight the battle of COVID-19....the media needs to be aware of this amazing feel good story. In times of uncertainty, what CEO persnally has done something like this...amazing!!  IF anyone connected to media in any way  please help get the word out:



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