Proven plasma torch processes for US military, 3D powders for aircraft engines and solar grade silicon metal for solar industry

Q3 2020 Results: Revenues $8.1MM; Net Income $15.3MM; Gross Margin 67.9%, Current Backlog $36.4MM; Basic EPS $0.10

Message: The elephant in the room question…

I don't think you could have gotten another answer, Olderguy.

You also have to take in consideration that there is an election going on, and a virus shutting down the whole world. And it is growing in strength again, really, really fast. Companies must be very careful in these insecure times. They are weary of what might happen down the line. We could stumble into a depression for real. Everything always takes longer than one wants. And at these times, I can imagine it is even worse. Sure, I am impatient for great pr releases as well, but I do know that you can't really hurry with them when there are so many considerations occurring at the same time. The world is in deep S-word. But who knows, maybe Pyr can torch that away as well...

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