Proven plasma torch processes for US military, 3D powders for aircraft engines and solar grade silicon metal for solar industry

Q3 2020 Results: Revenues $8.1MM; Net Income $15.3MM; Gross Margin 67.9%, Current Backlog $36.4MM; Basic EPS $0.10

Message: To Peter: Creating more exposure in Europe

Hi Peter,

the company is well known in Canada and now you are working on exposure in the US with the listing. But I see very little volume on the German markets; means there is a lot of potential.

I am invested in several companies (TSX and ASX; names can be given via PM if required) that were in the same situation as Pyro and signed a contract with DGWA, the German Institute for Asset and Equity Allocation and Valuation (“Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wertpapieranalyse GmbH”, “DGWA”), one of the leading European investment banking boutiques, based in Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany, as its Investor Relations advisor in Europe. 

This appointment for investor relation services has led to a massive increase of volume and in one case today we often see more volume coming from the German markets than the "home market". There is a steady volume coming from cash loaded European family offices who purchase on the long term; exactly the type of investors you want to ensure a stable share price.

Why to try to tap into these funds in parallel to the increasing exposure in the US?




I have no business relations to the company mentioned above and was intended only as an example.

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