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Message: PyroGenesis Signs Joint-Venture Agreement to Build and Operate Plants to Convert Aluminum Dross Residues into High Value Chemical Products

Yesterday’s news release is huge (and very well written), not sure what you mean by your comment “this is one of the strangest JV announcements I have seen”.

Prior to PyroGenesis' solution for aluminum dross, this industry was losing money from dross waste.  Now PYR is turning this toxic waste into a value added product while also massively reducing GHG emissions.  Plus this is a lucrative recurring revenue stream for PyroGenesis.

From the NR: “We believe that this announcement is a game-changer for the aluminum industry, as it allows PyroGenesis to offer a complete on-site dross processing service delivering zero-landfill/reduced carbon solutions while at the same time increasing clients’ profitability. We believe that this has never been done before,” said Mr. P. Peter Pascali, CEO and Chair of PyroGenesis.

Also from the well written NR: “This 50:50 JV will be geared towards building, installing and operating dross residue valorization facilities worldwide. To this effect, PyroGenesis secured, through the JV, an exclusive license to a patented and novel technology which is expected to convert dross residues into high value chemical products. Under the terms of the JV, the exclusive access to the technology initially applies to projects in North America and in the Gulf Cooperation Council nations. Upon successful completion of the first project, the exclusive access to the technology will expand to include, for all sense and purposes, the majority of the world. These dross residues are currently either being (i) landfilled (which is increasingly becoming banned by regulators) or (ii) sold as cheap flux to the cement industry.

This is huge news, congrats to Peter and Team at PyroGenesis!

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