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Message: FAT question

Dear Greenmountainman,

Good to see you posting again.

I see that quite a number of people are asking what a FAT test is exactly, and to be fair and ensure everyone has the same information allow me to address this in an update press release.  I think that is needed at this time given all the questions people seem to have.

Having said that, I can assure you that a FAT test is a significant milestone in this not only is a go/no-go to the next step, but it provides valuable data as well as giving the Client significant confidence should things go well/as expected.

With respect to Client A, if you recall, They have a potential need for up to 500 1 MW torches.  We have sold them 1 torch for 1.8MM and they have requested a quote for 36 torches as well.

Hope that Helps,



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