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Being commercialized in multiple applications around the world including plasma torches, Industrial 3D printing powders, aluminum & zinc dross recovery, waste management and defence - 4 US aircraft carriers

Message: Termination of Automatic Securities Disposition. .To Peter

At one time, I would post on SH forum but quickly realized that it was not a good / open place for the exchange of ideas and due diligence but rather more of a cesspool of certain folks that would tamp down this free exchange and push agendas.  I much prefer this forum, Reddit, CEO.CA (typically just read not post here) and Facebook and limit my activities to these platforms (in that order).  I like the many forums as the DD sometimes comes from a variety of sources.  I also like it when information is pulled or brought over from other boards...this thread included.  Otherwise, I and others would not be aware of the issue / action.

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