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Message: Termination of Automatic Securities Disposition. .To Peter

Dear 007,

Good to see you posting again.

Rest assured we will not let those that engage in illegal and slanderous activities with a goal to profit off of misinformation, lies and fear, off the hook.

We have left those off the hook that were a tad misguided …we sent a warning letter to an elderly gentleman that worked in a furniture store in Quebec, and another letter to an elderly lady in BC…both were acting out of ignorance and were not seeking to mke a profit from their posts.

However…to those that are manipulating the market illegally…we will pursue you legally to the ends of the earth.  We have already pierced the veil of some offshore accounts…Something few if any have succeeded in doing.  You know who you are…and you know we are coming. In the interim I suggest this good read by Benjamin Bennett:


Hope that Helps.


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