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Message: Question for Peter

Posted from HPQ forum :

Why do you even care when you proclaim you hate HPQ and Pyrogenesis on all stock forums such as ceo.ca and SH?   You claim you are not short but spend hours on end posting fud and attacking any long investor as if it is a full time job from morning till night.   

You are one twisted demented deranged individual at best but more likely a basher manipulator with an agenda. 

As posted previously :  Seems you are  'zaphod' resurrected to come back as your other alias 'sorrenson' amongst many others you most likely have. 

Your nonstop full time attack on pyrogenesis is deliberate and without relent. Wonder what your purpose is?  Could it be you are just bored in your mom's basement?  OR just maybe ...a big maybe - you have an agenda




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