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Message: UK scientists discover method to reduce steelmaking’s CO2 emissions by 90%

I'm a little confused because the article you posted had nothing to do with iron ore pellitization process which is where PYR has the patent for.

You then mention Boston Metals MOE which I didn't see in the article. I admit I might of missed it, but then I looked them up and that's far more interesting and relatable to PYR then that whole article you posted.

I'll do more reading on the Boston Metals MOE because quick glance they seem to be in the similar stages as PYR (prove it stage) and offers the industry less steps to get to same product.

Now their invention could potentially save a lot of money down the road, and if proven at commercial stage (which they say 2026 ish) then I certainly dont see why they wouldn't all eventually adopt this method. But like I said I'll do more research on it and see what's up. 

Thanks for the rabbit hole. Down I go.

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