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posted on Oct 23, 2008 10:58AM

lol, everyone has to make a living though, I think you need day traders for the market to function properly, if anything they help add liquidity to the markets.

On another topic, Can someone help me decide which is a better investment right now JNX, GMR, ATI, PCQ or QEC, i have some extra cash i want to put in.

I know QEC is the most liquid and has the largets float but land wise ? I beleive JNX has 6 million acres in Quebec, GMR has 1 Million in Quebec plus NY & Virginia i beleive. PCQ has 281,000 acres, ATI has 300,000 acres

How much land does QEC have in Quebec and i know QEC is the only one with significant cash flow at this time plus the discovery from BC. I don't know which one has the most upside and the best land package ?

I know when one moves all will move but which will move the highest multiple of the current price ?

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