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Message: QEC worth 184% more than current value.

Translated from the following link: http://www.hegnar.no/analyser/aksjetips/article658428.ece

Turmoil is raging in the stock markets and the Oslo Stock Exchange is going through a very rough period in which many have suffered heavy losses. Experts believe that the following five stocks have more than 100 percent upside.
Article by: Øystein Schmidt (Reuters - 26/09/11 13:12)

Recent figures from Bloomberg shows that there are five OBX shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange may double in value in the future. At least if one looks at the average price target from experts.

The five in question here:
- Questerre - has on average 184 percent upside
- Archer - has an average of 109 per cent upside
- Kvaerner - has an average of 104 per cent upside
- Storebrand - has an average of 101 per cent upside
- DNO International - has an average of 101 per cent upside

Of these, however, only Acher receiving 5 of the Bloomberg-rating - which indicates a strong buy recommendation.


Holding stock in QEC is a bit like supporting the English soccer team... So much potential, but persistently disappointing. Still believe our time will come :-)

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