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Message: Quebec Bill 106

Below is the link to Mike's recent interview on BNN. I think the majority of questions are answered clearly which saves trawling through reams of speculation on various forums. It's apparant to me that despite the recent good news and (very welcome) jump in the share price, we still have to keep our feet firmly on the ground. For my part, this has already been a long wait, but there's still a very long way to go. Social acceptance is still a major issue. Raising capital for an aggresive drilling program is another. QEC is also relient on the decisions of its JV partner Repsol in the best plays. On the positive side, the passing of bill 106 is obviously a major milestone, oil & gas prices are on the rise, drilling technology is progressing and the company itself has matured. I'd love another ride back to the dizzy heights of 2008/2010 with a trailing stop/loss in place, but I'm curbing my enthusiasm as I believe the market is far more wary this time...

I'm heading off for a bit of Christmas sun in warmer climates. Wishing all on the forum a peaceful Christmas and (fingers crossed) a profitable QEC 2017.   


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