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Specialized energy technology systems for transportation and power generation

Railpower Technologies Profile

RailPower is a leader in specialized energy technology systems for transportation with its state of the art locomotives and hybrid crane power plants.

Regarding itself as a partner to the world railroads, RailPower has developed since 2000 a family of clean and efficient yard and road switchers.

Our technology transforms aging switchers with their 50 plus year chassis lives, into modern multi-gensets or hybrids, delivering 20-60% cuts in diesel fuel use and greenhouse gases emissions and 80-90% reductions in smog-precursor oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulates. As an added bonus, the Railpower locomotives are exceptionally quiet, and offer a very high adhesion factor.

This company was established on June 30, 2001, as a result of the amalgamation of Railpower Technologies Inc. (a private company), and Envirotrain Capital Corp. (a public company). Currently, Railpower is known around North America, and in the world marketplace, for our Green efforts. Our history began with the creation of a hybrid yard switcher, the Green Goat. From there, we have morphed into a company able to apply our hybrid technologies to various applications. We always strive to stay on the cutting edge of green technology and we pride ourselves for the positive impact we are making on the environment.


At Railpower, our mission is to develop and promote leading edge, clean technologies related to locomotives, cranes, and other similar products in world markets. By constantly investing in its technologies, Railpower supplies its customers with highly efficient equipment that meets and exceeds the industry’s highest environmental standards, while offering significant emission, fuel consumption, and noise reductions.


Railpower’s vision is to be recognized by its customers as a world leader and partner of choice for introduction to markets for, and development of, clean and reliable technologies; to be recognized by its employees for its stimulating work environment; and to offer its shareholders a fair return on investments.


To realize this mission and vision, Railpower and its employees promote 5 essential values which guide both strategic plans and logistic actions. These 5 values are: Entrepreneurship and Initiative; Professionalism and Integrity; Creativity; Accountability; and Teamwork. Railpower also promotes 4 values that Managers must constantly demonstrate in their daily activities. These 4 values are: Accessibility; Directness and Openness with Communication; Equity; and Lead by Example.

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