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Message: Red Light Holland Sponsors First Of Its Kind Group Microdosing Concert In The Netherlands
  • Red Light Holland to collect data from concertgoers after the April 16th, 2022 microdosing concert held at Museum't Kromhout

  • Research is aimed to promote best practices for group microdosing services to regulatory bodies in Oregon and Washington State.

Red Light Holland Corp. (CSE: TRIP) (FSE: 4YX) (OTC Pink: TRUFF) ("Red Light" or the "Company"), an Ontario-based corporation engaged in the production, growth, and sale of a premium brand of magic truffles, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of a groundbreaking group microdosing concert aimed to gather insights for the company in preparation for the legalization of psilocybin services in Oregon in accordance with Measure 109.

The event, slated for April 16th, 2022, will be modeled according to current recommendations from Oregon's measure 109 Psilocybin Advisory Board and will include a preparation session, a dosing session guided by experienced facilitators and an optional integration session. The event organized by Sacred Journey Amsterdam and the New European Ensemble will accompany the dosing session with a 3-hour live classical music concert experienced while lying down. The concert will be given by the well-known mezzo-soprano Helena van Heel together with the extraordinary New European Ensemble. These wonderful musicians have recently released a CD on the International Etcetera label and will perform both works from this CD, including works by the composer and facilitator of this concert, Jeff Hamburg, and also music by Gustav Mahler and J.S. Bach and many others.

Red Light expects that by obtaining the consent of facilitators and participants, the Company will be able to collect and analyze data on best practices for group microdosing services. Red Light plans to compile a report and make recommendations to the regulatory bodies in Oregon and Washington state to inform rule promulgation for microsoding regulations.

"I'm grateful for the important and informative ongoing discussions I've been having with regulatory bodies in Oregon and Washington including the OHA and even an Oregon Senator trying to increase equity of the Oregon bill. At Red Light Holland we believe microdosing services can promote equity as they could have a much lower price point and integrate into people's daily life," stated Sarah Hashkes Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Red Light Holland. "The data we consensually gather from this event regarding usage of microdosing in naturalistic settings is aimed to help legislators understand the potential benefits and best practices of Microdosing in group settings."

Red Light Holland premium iMicrodose psilocybin truffles will be available for participants in the event. iMicrodose psilocybin truffles are naturally grown in a premium facility in Horst, Netherlands. The dosage will be customized for each participant by licensed therapist and microdosing expert Jeff Hamburg based on the preparation session.

"Our market research shows 16% of Adults in Oregon are interested in microdosing services on a weekly basis and another 33% are interested on a monthly basis," added Sarah Haskhes. "Sponsoring this pilot event will enable us to suggest and advocate for a program that can hopefully help a wide range of Oregonians. We believe the group microdosing event will illustrate a working model to help the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board and the OHA to refine psilocybin regulations as well as Washington's Psilocybin Wellness Workgroup which is being formed."

"We continue our innovative ways to collect consensual data around psilocybin that helps us as a company, which in turn, we hope can help other progressive lawmakers around the world," said CEO and Director of Red Light Holland Todd Shapiro. "We also continue to cleverly build our responsible use iMicrodose brand, aimed at selling more products while remaining focused on increasing revenues."

"We are grateful for Red Light's support to spearhead this pilot event that we hope will evolve consumer perception about psychedelics," said Jeff Hamburg, head of Sacred Journey Amsterdam. "Both music and community have healing and connective qualities and we are excited to test the potential benefits of combining microdosing psilocybin truffles in this ground-breaking setting."

Measure 109 will make Psilocybin Services available to 21 years and older in Oregon who think they can benefit from them without a need for medical diagnosis. The service must include a prep-session, a psilocybin session in a licensed facility supervised by a licensed facilitator, and a possibility of an integration session. On December 31, 2022, the Oregon Health Authority will publish forms and regulations necessary for the exact implementation.

Washington has set a budget of 200,000 USD for creating a Psilocybin Wellness Workgroup to advise on legalization of Psilocybin Services.

About Red Light Holland Corp.

The company is an Ontario-based corporation positioning itself to engage in the production, growth and sale (through existing Smart Shops operators and an advanced e-commerce platform) of a premium brand of magic truffles to the legal, recreational market within the Netherlands, in accordance with the highest standards, in compliance with all applicable laws.

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