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Ok, we've seen the drilling results from the latest batch of Titan holes. Very impressive, with 257m of 1.19% copper equivalent and 54m of 3.79% copper equivalent. That's definitely driven the price of the stock up. We'll see some more drilling results in the middle of January which should define this deposit even further. I wish the gooey centre wasn't 360m underground, but even the stuff at surface level is promising.
I'm really excited to see what the newest drill results say. If they're anything like these, indicating a significantly bigger resource, this stock is going up - cant wait.

The news of December 14 has now been digested and the frenzy to pick up shares has cooled, but there's a pretty limited number of shares of this stock (and pma) floating around as there are a lot of insiders with confidence in this project who are holding on tightly to their shares. I don't like, or have the stomach, for day trading, so I'm holding this long too, awaiting the results in January, but everything would indicate to me that this one is going to be a smart investment.

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