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Announces total revenue in Fiscal 2022 is currently 189% over the total revenue earned in 2021

Message: VIDEO-With Platforms & Major Brands Fined $500M+ For Data Privacy Violations, $MYID Keeps Growing Revenue and Fortune 500 Client List W/ Its Platform

VIDEO-With Platforms & Major Brands Fined $500M+ For Data Privacy Violations, $MYID Keeps Growing Revenue and Fortune 500 Client List W/ Its Platform

posted on Jan 17, 2023 06:03PM

With Platforms & Major Brands Fined $500M+ For Data Privacy Violations, $MYID Keeps Growing Revenue and Fortune 500 Client List With Clean Data Platform

Imagine earning a weekly paycheck from everyone around the world who wants to use your personal private data, which is currently being sold online without your consent. This dream can become a reality by visiting, the successful platform created by Reklaim $MYID $MYIDF. Start earning money next week.

Reklaim has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for individuals to upload and manage their data, set their own prices, and receive payments directly to their bank account. The platform also has strict security protocols in place to ensure that users' data is kept private and secure.

Overall, Reklaim is a revolutionary way for individuals to take control of their personal data and turn it into a source of income. By using the platform, individuals can not only protect their privacy but also earn money in the process.

… and $MYID is just getting going thanks to the fact the $400 Billion global private data industry is going through a paradigm shifting cycle towards hyper protecting your private data, which can mostly be attributed to:

1. Global government regulations that are forcing platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), brands and data companies to protect consumer data privacy.

2.  Big tech companies reducing access to core data that the industry depends on.

3.  Major lawsuits that are already being filed against everyone from Fortune 500 to Big Data Brokers, which now include:

  • Amazon $877M 
  • Instagram $400M 
  • META €390 million Irish Data Protection Commission 
  • Whatsapp $266M 
  • Google $170M 
  • AAPL €8M fine in France
  • Tik Tok €5M in French privacy case 
  • Clearview AI €20M 

As a result, Forbes published this article outlining both the problem for major brands … and the opportunity for $MYIDF The Privacy Compliance Gap: How Lack Of Consent Enforcement Is Exposing Brands To Millions In Fines And Penalties

Add in the fact that big tech companies (Google, Apple) are reducing access to core data that the industry depends on … and you have a rapidly depleting supply of data that is resulting in higher prices.  


As a result of these new global data privacy laws and accompanying major lawsuits, the biggest buyers of consumer data are now looking for the kind of “consented data” that $MYID can offer, resulting in the following client list that would be the envy of every small cap company 


  • Q1 Revenue $390,000 - Up 217% Year Over Year
  • Q2 Revenue $645,000 - Up 277% Year Over Year & 65% Sequentially
  • 1st Half Revenue $1,035,000
  • 9 Month Revenue $1,642,380 – Up 217% Year Over Year 
  • Insider Ownership 34% 


Just as Justin Bieber, Kanye West and every other artist wants to be paid for use of their music every time it is streamed and played on platforms like Spotify, consumers should and now do have the same right to be paid every time their data is used by big companies.

Reklaim is the Spotify equivalent platform that plays your data and gets consumers paid for it.

$MYID is the only company in the world providing consumers with access to their data, the ability to set permissions and then, if they choose to keep selling it, a weekly guaranteed paycheck.

Reklaim then takes this “consented data” and makes it available to the biggest companies in the world, who are starting to fall all over themselves for access to data that won’t see them sued for $500 million 

"The shift in the data market to one of privacy and compliance continues to accelerate with more and more companies looking for a partner who can solve these issues for them," said Reklaim CEO Neil Sweeney. “Reklaim is poised to take advantage of this trend, and we believe privacy regulations, including the introduction of CPRA in California, will be increasingly enforced in 2023, creating a unique opportunity for Reklaim to expand its market share.  As signaled in previous quarters, we have accelerated the reduction in our cost structure while maintaining our growth rate, and we expect a similar trajectory in the coming quarters.”

Now sit back, relax, and watch this interview with Reklaim’s CEO Neil Sweeney! 


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