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Message: WindCube Generates Electricity in Moderate Wind

WindCube Generates Electricity in Moderate Wind

posted on Jul 21, 2009 02:24PM

WindCube Generates Electricity in Moderate Wind

May 19th, 2009 - 26 Comments
WindCube Wind power is the fastest growing industry in the alternative energy sector. Wind turbines generate clean and green power for us but they have certain precondition. One of it is the power unit has to be set up in strong wind area. But Green Energy Technologies has developed a brand new wind power generator known as the WindCube. It is smaller compared to the normal wind generator. WindCube is specially designed to set up on the roof of a building in urban and rural areas. WindCube carries a 22 x 22 x 12 feet framework and its single unit can produce a maximum of 60kW of power. Mark L. Cironi, who is the president and founder of Green Energy Technologies, explains, “Building owners anywhere can consider being a part of the renewable energy picture. With WindCube, it’s not necessary to have the wind of Kansas or Nebraska to become a generator of wind power. In states with excellent renewable energy incentives, moderate wind and high electric rates, the payback can be as little as three years.”
The WindCube operates on the wind tunnel effect known in physics as the Bernoulli’s Principle. The specialty of the WindCube is it captures and amplifies the wind which generates more power. How it works? As the wind passes through the WindCube covering, it becomes concentrated resulting in increased velocity that leads to more power generation. Due to amplification effect, WindCube can arrest the wind energy as low as 5 mph.
How does WindCube work? It creates power by moving its motor backwards with the help of an impeller. It eliminates the need for a gear box. Elimination of gearbox solves many problems such as maintenance and failures. It also lowers the cost of ownership. WindCubes potential consumers can be industrial companies, commercial office buildings, big-box retailers, college campuses, and electricity users in remote locations.
Roth Bros. Inc. (Youngstown, OH), which is a national energy management, HVAC and roofing services company, will render its services to WindCube customers with 24/7 monitoring of energy usage. They will accomplish it with the help of using an online remote system especially designed for the WindCube. Roth will also step in for installing the WindCube turbines at each customer’s location. They will do the needful in the area of initial site analysis to commissioning also. Roth can make available post-installation preventive maintenance and service on the units. Building owners, managers, and developers can also gain from the renewable energy credits from green building programs like LEED and Green Globes.With Net metering in operation, Stimulus Bill tax credit facility can be availed.
Net metering is a simple, low-cost, and easily- manageable device that aims for the use of small scale wind energy systems. When a consumer generates more electricity than is required in a building with the help of an onsite generation system such as the WindCube, the existing electricity meter spins backward. This results in a credit to the electricity bill.
When we go for a new product we look for the ease of application and scalability. WindCube satisfies both of these criteria and presents one of the first viable opportunities for commercial distribution of wind-power generation facilities to residential markets and businesses as well .

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