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** Apabetalone (RVX-208) Currently Being Tested in a Phase 3 BETonMACE Cardiovascular Outcomes Trial ** Trial is Fully Enrolled and Top-Line Results Expected Q1 2019

Message: Citigroup note on Epigenetics - a big initiation note published on 22 October

Finally a big broker takes notice. Andrew Baum is the lead analyst at Citigroup. He is very highly regarded. Lots of investors follow him. He has been all over immunotherapy in cancer.

Resverlogix gets a few mentions. The RRR chart for MACE in diabetes is shown. A few tables on clinical trials in which RVX is shown as being in PII which, as we know of today, is out of date! other epigenetic drugs from other companies are mostly in in PI (PI/PII for INCB54329 from Incyte in lymphoma and PI/PII for BMS-986158 from Bristol Myers in ovarian Cancer) and are mainly for cancer. The note also mentions the saftey issues with BRD4 pan inhibition and also notes that Resverlogix is specific to BD2.

RVX clearly on the radar of Citi (as it should be given the credit relationship). Andrew Baum is the real thing. This is encouraging.

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