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Message: Shot interest jumps big....

I would wager that this forum has some participants who have more invested in RVX than Dart does, in terms of this investment being a % of one's entire net worth.

$1 million, for those of us old enough to remember a TV show like the Beverly Hillibillies....$1 million was an unbelievable sum.  Now in some Toronto and Vancouver neighborhoods that's the value of a simple 3 bedroom family home.  

Someone who has $1 million and invests like a genius on steroids, and garners a 1,000% return...turning $1 million into $100 million, he's (or she) still $900 million from joining the billionaire class.  

Dart's involvement here is a net positive in my eyes....but he could take the entire company private, buying it for a cool $1 billion $USD and would still have more money left over than hundreds of average wage earners will see in a life time cumulatively.  

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