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Message: Friday fun - a trip down memory lane

Thinking back to a few years ago (I think it was early 2015) these songs were posted to the Stockhouse board. I think ledrog posted the Bruce song, and I posted Yazz. Anyway, the sun is shining where I am and I am feeling in a positive mood. I think... I think... RVX may just pull it off this time. I reckon saftey is what keeps a lot of people on the sidelines. Novel MOA which is multi-modal and acts at the gene transcription level... this is unchartered territory for regulators and physicians... but with every extra 3 months of positive safety the reasons for not owning the astonishingly exciting science get less and less. And very good to see RVX address this multi-modal MOA head on in the Cowen presentation. Taken in conjunction with the regular safety updates it is tackling the doubters head on. What were those immortal words uttered by Buzz Lighting?






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