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**Apabetalone (RVX-208) Currently Being Tested in a Phase 3 BETonMACE Cardiovascular Outcomes Trial and Will Soon Begin Phase 2a Kidney Dialysis and Phase 1 Fabry Disease Trials**

Message: A comment about market penetration

sumpup, thank you for the amazing post and background (Mar 19 at 6:02 pm)

I was struck by your second paragraph. "I stumbled on RVX via the internet 2 years ago researching investment sites with the thought of opening an IRA in addition to my 403B. I was instantly taken by the science and potential and have been accumulating shares since".

I am excited by many things including the potential new financing but it is all about the science. One of the things that struck me was reading about how Dr Wong was influenced either by Dr Crick or Dr Watson of Double Helix fame that tuned him in to focus on epigenetics. The next thing I found amazing was how they filtered through thousands of genes to get to the BETi focus of rvx-208 and MACE. I truly find this amazing! IMHO this little biotech is a scieinitifc factory and I sense their IP is very significant. Seeing the apabetalone + rosuvastatin patent move to approval cements both my belief in the science AND the business leverage it gives them.

Then I think about the financing over the years that has brought in Eastern Capital, NGN, Hepalink, CD Venture and others. These companies have scientific teams that vet where they direct their biotech investments and I am willing to assume these scientists have been up and down RVX and Zenith on scientific data.

Thanks to bfw for the context of how this drug could taken up by clinicians. This strikes me as so very important and extremely exciting.

Thanks Kelsee and SanFran for your kind words and most importanly for your perspectives.

BDAZ your post on Mar 20 at 11:50 am (Esperion) is beyond remarkable in terms of perspective... frankly, amazing.

I have not looked at the market today but from reading through the posts I sense that perhaps the shorts are in a bit of a panick??? That is neither here nor there for me. It is not stuff I understand but I do appreciate led and others perspectives.

For me I keep coming back to the multi modal MOA of apabetalone described as having.... impact on the complement cascade(positive impact on the Immune system), reduction in coagulation, reduction in mediators that promote calcium deposition in the vasculature, reductions in mediators that promote inflammation of the vasculature, increased ApoA-I – positive effects on lipid content of HDL, reduced oral glucose absorption & endogenous production.

Please understand that I do not understand this stuff scientifically but I am willing to bet there is a lot more to be learned about the "why" and the implications and the growing treasure chest of other indications. Can you just imagine if the funding pool And who knows what RVX understands about their other near in compounds?

What would be absolutley of great value would be for RVX or a science poster to explain each of the 6 multi-model impacts in layman's terms in a simple way, if possible, to take each aspect and state what it is and why it is significant in terms of human health. I've spend time on things like wikipedia but I cannot do justice to explaining these systems/impacts.

I now also find it completely fascinating that RVX now knows that part of the MOA of apabetalone is via it's impact on the biome! Perhaps this is expected for science people but as a non science person (but a science junky) I find this enormously exciting BUT I would like to know what it means and the implications. From what I understand scientists are just beginning to understand the working of the billions of microbes in the human biome.

Perhaps I am wrong but I do believe the business stuff will fall in line and I believe this because of the rapidity of how the science is developing. I also believe Don will treat investors fairly (as I understand it he has many friends and relatives with skin in this game).

Thanks to all of you posters and keep it happening!





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