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Message: BETonMACE Enrollment

"We discussed some weeks back.  You had calculated 300 patient years from Phase 2, and this publication below has a reference to 2700 patient years, which we deduced was April 2 2019."

Iconoclast, thanks for the refresher! Ha. It took some digging but I found the post/thread that you were referring to. The line from the paper is "It is extremely well tolerated by patients, with safety data now exceeding 2700 patient  years.Although it is tempting to read into this (as we did in the exercise), this statement is far from an explicit official statement on the number of BETonMACE specific patient years. To be cautious, I stand by my previous statement from a later post in that thread:

"Keep in mind that there has been no official update on number of patient years in BETonMACE and that today's exercise is based on a number of assumptions that could be incorrect. I have very little confidence in anyone's guess-timate of BETonMACE patient years, including my own, and still think there is a wide range of possibilities ranging between 3600 and 5400 based on the number of unknowns." 




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