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Message: January bounce 4 out of the last 5 years....

It looks to me like, barring some earth shaking announcement, that we're going to be stuck down around where we are now until at least January.  And then I'm hoping that we see another January bounce.  Going back to 2013 every January has seen a bounce except for Jan 2016.  The biggest of course was 2015 when the PPS climbed from around 50 cents to right up around $3.  

Jan 2014 to Jan 2015....it looks similar to my eyes to what we've seen from Jan 2017 to the present...

Jan 2014 started out around 50 cents and then ran up to about 80 cents through to April.  Then after a lull it climbed again back to 80+ cents by July before again drifting down down down, closing out the year back down around 50 cents.  And then 2015 the wild ride started.

Compare that with the trading we've seen this year.  Its not a perfect parellel but I do see a lot of similarities.  If the AGM is another snooze fest and assuming no significant news before we all get drunk and sing Auld Lang Syne....well, hopefully 2018 rocks at least some.   

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