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** Apabetalone (RVX-208) Currently Being Tested in a Phase 3 BETonMACE Cardiovascular Outcomes Trial ** Trial is Fully Enrolled and Top-Line Results Expected Q1 2019

Message: A longtime holder

We have been down this road before, a few weeks before an AGM, the management decide it is time to release a few snippets of information to the retail share holders and then all is good again, I still want to know what the issues are with not announcing the opening of Betonmace sites in the US. Why weren't they ready, after all Mr M has been courting the FDA for quite some time. Yes I get the funds may not have available but wouldn't you think the FDA would want to know how they plan to proceed before they approve the Betonmace trial. Why no information on the mentioned changes to the FA from 125 events to some where above, or the expansion of the trial enrollments to include US patients. Some other posters have had issues with other points but to me this is the most important issue of all and should not get lost in the noise of the lead up to the AGM. Any prosective investor would want to know this. Coldnewfie not so cold in Mexico.


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