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** BETonMACE Phase 3 Cardio Outcomes Trial for Apabetalone Has Reached its Targeted 250 MACE Events ** Top-Line Data Expected Mid-Year 2019 https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02586155

Message: Pointing in the right direction & bogus Lilly

Thank you Bear, my pleasure. 

To be clear those were entirely my words (bogus, fraud) to describe the Lilly trial. And you are right, they are too harsh. I regret using them. Please forgive my unprofessionalism. I merely intended to highlight the fact the trial results were less impressive than they might at first appear.

I won’t disclose the exact date I met management but suffice to say I am a busy person and it takes me time to write things up. I think your estimate of patient years is pretty good.

I have no idea why some management teams do official NRs on gross/blinded data and others do not. Perhaps they are waiting until will hit the interim review point this summer? (I have no basis for this assumption)


May 2018 be our year. This has been a long road and our spirits are weary. Management share our pain and one thing we can’t fault them on is their strength of character, unwavering resolve and self belief

Peace to all


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