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Message: Now that we're a small cap stock....

I messed things up a bit in my earlier post about Resverlogix attaining Small Cap status.

Less than $50 million is Nano Cap

Between $50 and $300 million is Micro Cap

Between $300 million and $2 billion is Small Cap

Between $2 billion and $10 billion is Mid Cap

$10 billion and up is Large Cap.

Lots of funds are capitalization specific,  and as a company moves up the ladder so to speak there are more and more funds that can consider it.  At $350 odd million USD we're at the lower end of the range, and we only attained this level back in June....so I don't think we're going to be seeing much in the way of institutional interest, if any, in the near term.  

But if we can at least maintain the small cap status thru to the end of September then I wouldn't be surprised to perhaps see some institutions willing to at least dip a toe in the 4th qtr of the year. 

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