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Top-Line Data Expected September 2019 for BETonMACE Phase 3 Cardiovascular Outcomes Trial for Apabetalone

Message: 2019 Potential Events

I re-read the July 8th news release and based on the statement "the Company anticipates being in a position to provide top-line results in September 2019" I realized that I need to shave off two weeks from my earlier post regarding  expectation of database lock and top-line timing.

Revised statements below to restrict top-line to September only and allow database lock as early as mid-August. This would allow top-line as early as the beginning of September assuming top-line announced ~2 weeks aft database lock. 

mid-August to mid-September: BETonMACE database lock. 

Sometime September 1-30: BETonMACE top-line data. 

Coincidentally, ESC 2019 is beginning of September. So even though full data won't be presented at ESC, they might be able to announce top-line during the conference if database lock happens as early as mid-August.


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