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Top-Line Data Expected September 2019 for BETonMACE Phase 3 Cardiovascular Outcomes Trial for Apabetalone

Message: 2019 Potential Events

August is gonna be "fun" ....


July Financials (liquidity & operations $ needs) will be interesting

Aug 4 - Third Eye Loan status (and handling)

DBL announcement


Thinking/hoping by mid-end of August, we have DBL, and are in the final countdown toward TLD announcement in Early-mid September. The final 2-3 weeks post-DBL and pre-TLD are gonna be intense. Would be REALLY nice to have DBL by mid-Aug to set up for TLD @ESC potentially, and FLD @AHA. Here's hoping ... gonna be in Vegas mid-September for a conference, that could be interesting timing - if data is good, I could end of being central to the story line of Hangover 4 (or whatever sequel they are on now?!

... dis boutta git serious :)

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