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Top-Line Data Expected September 2019 for BETonMACE Phase 3 Cardiovascular Outcomes Trial for Apabetalone

Message: 2019 Potential Events

"maybe they will be "nice" and tell us, or at least some type of forewarning that TLD will be announced (event/date/time) :)"

Lol. Probably the best we will get will be a re-assurance that top-line data announcement is still on track to be announced by end of September or end of Q3, assuming that there is no delay from the current guidance. 

To be a fly on the wall at ESC to see the attitudes and body language and to overhear the conversations amongst Resverlogix management, BETonMACE clinical steering committee, BETonMACE clinical investigators, etc. Good chance database will be locked and data unblinded for Resverlogix and BETonMACE clinical team around the time of ESC.


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