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Top-Line Data Expected September 2019 for BETonMACE Phase 3 Cardiovascular Outcomes Trial for Apabetalone

Message: Report of Exempt Distribution....

Sometimes SEDAR doesn't work for me, this is one of those times.  When I try to access the Feb 7th filing I get a message saying PLEASE WAIT, and it doesn't load.  

G194V5 over on Stockhouse posted a message that got me to look at SEDAR where I saw the filing, but I can't read it.  Here's what was posted on SH:

China         $6 640 194.00
USA                327 837.00
Cayman          288 498.00
                    7,256,529.00 CAN
Read more at https://stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/t.rvx/resverlogix-corp?postid=29333061#SoEwXUQr72Vx9JTY.99

I'm guessing the China amount is likely the recent placement to Hepalink, and I'm assuming the Cayman's would be Eastern.  

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