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Message: While we are waiting ...

If we hit $25 USD I don't mind waiting for Sept...or even October.  I won't be posting though, I'll be meeting with financial advisors to help me with my pending tax situation....probably on a beach somewhere.  

There's no way the placebo is mineral oil is there?  I'm assuming it can't be sugar pills either of course.  

Thinking about possible dates...it seems any target the company puts out there should be taken with a huge grain of salt though, like the size of a salt lick.  It seems to be the company's MO at this point to obfuscate the picture as much as is legally possible, at least as far retail shareholders are concerned.  

That's kewl....if they were doing everything they could to satisfy retail concerns like back in 2007/2008....then that would be cause for concern for those with a true contrarian bent.  

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