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Message: One point I want to make clear...

Bear, I agree with your distinction. There is a big difference between a statement like: 

"The company could be way more transparent and better predictive of timelines"
(which is my take on your grievance),

and, clearly unsubstantiated or unreasoned statements to the effect of:

"Don McCaffrey doesn't deserve reward or happiness"

"The company is withholding material information from us mushrooms"

"The company is acting outside of its fiduciary duties to all shareholders"

"The company is conspiring to suppress the share price"

The above four statements are cleary bashing because they are unsubstantiated, unprovable either way, nor well-reasoned statements aimed at fomenting Fear Uncertainty Doubt.    Not to mention being potentially libelous, so I admit that I am shocked some of those posts passed HL quality control here.

When I performed Hub Leader duties in the past one of the guidelines amongst the HLs that we used was:

The greater the (FUD) claim the greater the onus on accompanying supporting evidence or reasoning. 
If accompanying evidence or reasoning didn't cut it, the post would be promptly deleted, and I mean promptly, like within minutes.  And even just a second violation placed the member in jeopardy of being banned.  We banned dozens one year.  I hope the HLs here take a tough stand against unsupported FUD.  I think that once the Big News hits we'll be getting droves of bashers signing up to foment investor reactions with their own FUD. 


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