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Top-Line Results for Phase 3 BETonMACE Cardio Outcomes Trial were Announced September 30, 2019

Message: Roth Conference March 19th 11:00 AM Fireside Chat

Resverlogix is on the Roth Conference schedule (see schedule here) to give a "Fireside Chat" on Tuesday March 19th at 11:00 AM Pacific. This is a break from the traditional Public Company Presentation style that is also available to companies at the Roth Conference. This Fireside Chat format will be a refreshing change from the traditional Resverlogix slide presentations, which have simply been a re-hash of the same stuff over and over again in recent presentations. I wonder if the audio will be webcast?  

Fireside Chat Company: 25 minute conversations between the attending company reps and ROTH Research Analyst with interaction from the audience

Public Company Presentations: 25 minute live presentations (includes slides & 5 minute Q&A)


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