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Message: Scenario Analysis on end of BETonMACE Phase 3

We are now down to the last few weeks (if not days) to the end of Phase 3.  I assume we can get an announcement from RVX any day now.  The question is...what then?

My own hunch is that the company already has an excellent idea of the results.  They get patient by patient data.  It may be blinded...but there is one key metric that makes the blind go away: the eGFR data of each patient.  If the eGFR data for any patient is soaring...well, you can pretty much peg that as a patient getting Apabetalone.

Once the "blind" goes away, well, it should be a fairly easy exercise for RVX to figure out the real RRR calculations.  The short question is: does the data so far from this de facto "unblinding" match their expectations from Phase  2 data?

As an investor, naturally, I am expecting a clear Yes.  The only question in my mind  is wthat level of RRR will we get?


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