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Message: Low Impact Journals

"One thing that is bothering me a lot as I research Resverlogix is the journals their research is published in is the bottom tier of journals; at least from 2017. See below. Can anyone else comment on the quality of their research and researchers. TIA"

Impact factors don't mean anything for industry publications. More of a concern for academia. Resverlogix has published a lot compared to most industry research companies. Furthermore, they have been frequently presenting posters and talks at academic conferences over the past few years and giving industry sponsored symposia. Their research has not just been focused on apoAI/HDL-C/reverse cholesterol transport (the original endpoint of RVX-208) but has expanded into various facets of renal, cognition, vascular calcification, vascular inflammation, complement biology, coagulation, and glucose metabolism. Personally, I have been impressed with the apabetalone related research publications, posters presentations and symposia. Well designed, executed and written studies. The research team(s) involved in these studies (both clinical and basic research) seem top-notch. My advice is to judge study design, methodology, results, and interpretations, and not judge the journal names and impact factors.


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