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Top-Line Results Projected to be Available on or about September 30, 2019 for Phase 3 BETonMACE Trial

Message: Update

RVXOT wrote "Then it states that approximately 2 weeks after DBL, they should be able to release Top Line data. Two weeks added to 3rd - 10th is July 17th - 31st. Then add to that whatever time it takes to lock the database where I just added one week. I have no idea how long that will Lock will take."

I think you are off by a week. If there are no additional queries at completion of safety follow up (expected July 3-10), the database lock (DBL) could happen immediately. Keep in mind the news release also states "Final, follow-up safety visits are progressing and are expected to be completed by July 4th, 2019." So the short end of that range is possible. If top-line is expected ~2 weeks after the DBL, and assuming no delay for DBL, then we are looking at top-line July 17-24 (you wrote July 17-31). But as you stated, there may be time required after completion of safety follow up visits before DBL that would push things out later.



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