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Message: Re: Musing Immortality
Jul 11, 2019 01:00PM


Viewed in this context I find the potential of epigenetics completely mind-blowing. Anyone else have thoughts on this anti-aging concept?  

After going out to the RVX lab out by the University of Calgary about 12 years ago now I have been very curious about the development of RVX-208. At that time they knew(suspected) that it positively affected 7 or 8 different diseases but didn't seem to have a good grasp of the MOA. The anti aging concept has come up a number of times in my research over the years but like you I am not a scientist. I will say though that of the people that I spoken with over the years of doing my dd that more than 50% of the people in the medical and biotech field that I have sought advice from are now shareholders of RVX. Some in a very big way. Bringing the cells back to the basil level seems to have been the biggest reason that I could determine from those discussions. Once the MOA was able to be logically explained the interest from the science community that I spoke with exploded.

I don't know about anti aging but if ABL and other epigenetic drugs allow humans to live an average of 2 or 3 years longer than we do today, with relatively less medical issues, then that is real lifestyle progress for the entire human race.

This epigenetic area of science is in the process of exploding and I'm happy to be part of it. I/we hope that ABL does what it is supposed to for obvious monitary reasons but the validation of the science is absolutely the biggest benefit to the human race.

Just some thoughts along the same line I have had over the years.


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