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Message: Musing Immortality

I have no medical training nor am I a "scientist" so be warned that following is simply my musing the potential of epigenetics in the embryonic field of "anti-aging".  A subject matter that I a assume would be of interest to many people.  If you are looking for tons of scientific papers backing up is concept you might want to stop reading here.

I keep coming back to this concept to hopefully spur some discussion.  This could be bordering Off-topic and I know this sounds "out there" to many, despite its assertion by Hedge Knight Capital, but imo the science of epigenetics could be where lies the key to anti-aging, or at the very least 'productive life extension'.

If you wanted to design the perfect anti-aging strategy you would probably base it on the foundation of maintaining absolute perfection in your cell replication process (perfect transcription).  I am basing this on the my own premise that aging is in essence the cummulitive and potentially compound (negative feedback loop) effects of cell replication errors, of which there are many causes.  Apabetalone restores  transcription factors to that of basal cell levels.

Another important anti-aging strategy would be the 'perfectly timed death and disposal' of old cells (perfect apoptosis).  This thwarts senescence and the over-aged cell's resulting exposure to hijacking by diseases and cancers.  So without senescence the system is no longer chronically in crisis-response mode now that there are no more zombie cells stinking up the place and tripping off all kinds of chronic inflammation fire alarm signals.  Apabetalone regulates apoptosis.

Okay, all this is to set-up an interesting if not amusing finding I came across.

I was doing some research and discovered that I previously had an incorrect assumption about the meaning of the tag line used in the Hedge Knight Capital analysis:  "Apabetalone the Hydra"

Hydras are simple, freshwater animals possessing radial symmetryand no post-mitotic cells. All hydra cells continually divide.[citation needed] It has been suggested that hydras do not undergo senescence, and, as such, are biologically immortal.

Maybe one day, we will all be taking epigenetic drugs, not only to treat disease, not only to prophylactically protect us from disease, but also to significantly prolong your productive life span. 

Viewed in this context I find the potential of epigenetics completely mind-blowing. Anyone else have thoughts on this anti-aging concept?  

Have a great summer everyone!
Tic Toc!

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