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Message: No way logical Eastern is selling shares at this point IMO....

Narmac said:  "a billionaire knows where every dollar goes and I will bet not parting with a single one if he or she knows its most probably a lost cause..."

When I was first investigating Resverlogix I did some reading up on Dart....I know he renounced his US citizenship and the reason given in the article I read was that he did it to avoid paying taxes.  And we all know he's now established in one of the world's best known tax free havens, the Cayman Islands...where later I've read that he has invested heavily in real estate and might even be the single biggest holder of RE assets there.  

There was one thing that did give me pause when I was reading about him....one writer characterized him as someone who doesn't just like to win, but rather as someone who not only wants to win, but wants those across the table from him to lose and lose badly...which kind of reminds me of Trump, the way he reportedly often didn't pay suppliers.  I was a little worried that Dart being the holder of the standby letter of credit on the old Citi-Bank loan, that he might foreclose....which we're long past now obviously. 

To reiterate what I wrote eariler...I don't see any possible scenario where Dart is selling shares (in any fashion) given the current circumstances.  I share the opinion of those (which is everyone I think) that he is in for the longer haul.....at mimimum until TLD comes out....and if/when he does sell, as a beneficial owner I expect there would have to be disclsure until his holdings dropped to less than 10% of the outstanding shares...whether any shares sold are dumped on the open market or if they're brokered in any other fashion.  

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