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Message: Article on NASH Liver Disease

That's a great article Iconoclast. Thanks for sharing. NASH is a complex disease. I have no opinion right now on apabetalone's promise for NASH. 

One piece of data that Resverlogix previously presented that caught my eye was a study with primary human hepatocytes in which apabetalone robustly suppressed the expression of FXR. FXR is the same target that is activated by Intercept's obeticholic acid (OCA). We all know that apabetalone does a lot more than just suppress FXR and that NASH is much more than just FXR, but one could argue that suppression of FXR by apabetalone goes in the wrong direction for a NASH therapy. Also, the apabetalone/FXR observations were just in primary cells and not in a whole animal or human. In vitro doesn't always translate to in vivo.


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