...We Welcome You To The Resverlogix HUB withIn The AGORACOM COMMUNITY!

Message: Anyone else find it odd......

It strikes me as being pretty much par for the course....yet another example of Resverlogix not really caring about corporate communications or how they present themselves to the markets. 

I can think of a few cinematic examples...movies where a character starts out appearing all bumbling and incompetent, fooling people...and then BAM, all of a sudden they're revealed to be a hero.  Yoda is a great example when he's introduced in the Star Wars saga.

Another one is Oz The Great and Powerful, the recent prequel to the old classic The Wizard of Oz.  Recall the Wizarad in both movies is a bumbling incompetent character....then is magically transformed after an explosion.

Maybe we'll be calling it 'Apabetalone The Great and Powerful' when BETonMACE results are announced....and any short players who've left themselves exposed can make futile efforts to diminish significant buy side inerest.  Here's hoping.




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