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BREAKING: Esports Entertainment Group Releases Upgraded VIE.GG Esports Gambling Platform

  • Announced the release of the latest version of VIE.gg (https://vie.gg)  the Company’s esports wagering platform
  • Latest upgrade delivers notable new features, including additional betting options such as Fixed Odds, Pari-mutuel, Fantasy and Pool Betting to complement main P2P option
  • Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports Entertainment Group, stated "This is another major milestone for our Company. This is our strongest release ever, with every new feature esports gambling enthusiasts could wish for in a platform..."
Message: My one-minute commercial for Apabetalone

Here is my version of the Apabetalone commercial




Gene-related diseases don't only come from our ancestors.


The genes we were born with can one day start misbehaving in response to environmental, diet and lifestyle factors.


These dysfunctional genes cause our cells to produce harmful levels of proteins that cause vascular inflammation and calcification, the underlying condition of widespread chronic diseases including Cardio-vascular diseases, Chronic Kidney Disease, erectile disfunction and dimentia, the so-called age-related diseases.


There is great news though, Apabetalone safely dials down, like a dimmer switch, the over-expressed genes, back to the normal pre-disease levels. In independent clinical studies Apabetalone safely improved 159 proteins, raised good cholesteral and impoved glucose metabolism, leading to a 55% reduction in heart attacks, strokes and mortality as well as an increase in cognitive function.  

Apabetalone, lets you misbehave instead of your genes.



(with background scenes of a gray haired couple dancing to Good Golly Miss Molly with childish grins on their faces). 


Apabetalone:  "Say 'No' to Age-related diseases, and Get Back to Your Original You"

Caution Apabetalone may cause you to have perkier body parts, clearer thoughts, and more stamina. Consult your doctor today to be sure you can handle getting back to being the Original You.

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