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Message: New Share Price Contest

LOVE the optimism guys/gals ...... I do think we are gonna see some excellent data, but unfortunately I also think we are gonna have to wait another few years for realization of financial gains like we want to see. Even though I have been banging the NDA-NOW drum, holding out hope for a near enough miss on TLD, plus positivity with secondary & sub-study TLD, my gut tells me there will need to be another study(s) before a big pps splash ..... HOPE I AM WRONG, and I will continue to hype the "NDA-now" train till Don himself tells me to take my ball (puck?) and go home to my mom's basement.

My caveat to the above is good enough FLD to attract a BP or other partner to take it all out at a bargain price, relatively speaking. In that case I will stick with my original "guess" of $18.50

But, since my gut is telling me good FLD, but yet another study (ugh fundraising & financial questions) for another 2-3 year delay, I am going with ......... $4.50 officially for contest ... ("hoping/dreaming" for $18.50)

... which is still a win to me at that point despite delayed gratification, I would be THRILLED with $4.50, amazing FLD, plus funded studies in sevral areas ... and just hop back on the Hope-Train and enjoy the ride for a few more years.

...... no, wait, screw that ...... come on Dr Wong, a good centering pass to Don streaking up the ice for a ONE-TIMER between the pipes!!!! :)



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